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1st SFWCC Opening Ceremony
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510 fishermen and staff from 27 countries participated

Openning ceremony musical performance of Nagasaki Univ. Ochestra

Entering fishermen and staff from 27 countries

Presenting congratulatory addresses of Prime Ministers and Presidents of over 20 conuntries

The front of the opening ceremony place

Opening ceremony address of Tae-geun Yoon, president of WSFF

Welcoming Address of Hideo Oyamada, Co-chairman of 2001 FWCC Organizing Committee

Congratulatory Address of Ukichi Cho, Vice-president of All Japan Association of Angler's Clubs (Aggregate Corporation)

Congratulatory Address of Yong-hoon Kim, President of Korean Fishing TV

Pledge of fair play of Kenichi Hujijono