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2nd SFWCC Award and Closing Ceremony #2
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Mr.Yong Su Jung from Korea: The World Champion in the Surf Casting category (White Uniform)

Mr. Yuji Ikenaga from Japan in the 2nd Place for the Surf Casting

Mr. Takahiko Hara in the 3rd Place for the Surf Casting

Mr. Nobukazu Minamino of Japan, the Boat Fishing Champion for the 2nd SFWCC

Mr. Yoshinobu Hesaka from Japan won the 2nd place in the Bost Fishing category

Mr. Patrick Drevici from France in the 3rd place for the Boat Fishing category

Ms. Elena Volodina from Russia achieved excellent 4th in the Boat Fishing Category

Standing on the top in the Surf Casting category among 96 players

Winners in the Boat Fishing category among 180 players

Winners in the Boat Fishing Group competition: 1st Kazakhstan team, 2nd Philippin team, 3rd Uruguay

Kazakhstan team as the Champion of Boat Fishing Group competition for 2nd SFWCC

The team from Uruguay, the remotest country from Korea

WSFF flag was handed over to Honorable Yu-Chen Cheng of Taiwan, the host country

Taiwan's delegation wishing to induce the Fishing World Cup

Officials who worked to make the 2nd Fishing World Cup a success

The Fishing World Cup goes on.........