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Award Ceremony
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Opening of the Award Ceremony of assistant director of judges, Hiroshi Matsuzaki

Players who went through serious competition

Winners cups

Boat Fishing category world champion, Allan Ristori from USA
Mr. Ristori is the chief editor of a fishing magazine in the US, and has 30-years of carrier of catching every minor game fish

Co-winning champion for Surf Casting, Mr. Akira Miyagawa and Mr. Keiji Shibahara
The results between two players were perfectly matched, on the total weight and the largest fish. Mr. Ko is a former chairman of Soguipo Fishing Association in Jeju Island

Marshall Is. won the team competition for the Boat Fishing category, followed by Palau
The players from Marshall Is. and Palau were strong teams, specially sent by the incumbent president of the country

Japan won the team competition for the Surf Casting category, followed by Korean