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2019 Fishing World Cup
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Dear WSFF World Members

We wish you a good health and happiness.

We would like to thank all of you for your warm support despite the cancellation of 2017 Fishing World Cup Russia.

We got to know there was the salmon fishing festival in Kamchatka few years ago through a WSFF member in Moscow, and we visited there for three times for fishing environment research and observed the tournament.

We have held the meetings with the local organizers of fishing tournament and agreed to hold the 6th World Cup in Kamchatka in September 2019.

The target fish is the salmon returning to the river from the ocean, and have lure fishing tournament on the river side.

We are looking forward to sharing the day with WSFF members the joy of catching salmons in the Mother Nature.

We will inform you the tournament schedule and the detail in the future.

World Sports Fishing Federation, Head Quarters